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Our Nordic Collection vinyl plank flooring is both affordable and 100% water proof. The Viking Grey color is a perfect addition to any room, providing a modern yet classic look. This resilient and durable flooring is easy to install and maintain, making it a great choice for any home. With its beautiful grey tones, the Nordic Collection Viking Grey vinyl plank is sure to bring a unique character to your space.

Nordic Collection Viking Grey Vinyl Plank | 28.68 SF/Box ($1.85/Sq Ft)

$53.05 Regular Price
$45.09Sale Price
  • The Nordic Viking Grey Vinyl Plank Flooring is sold by the box. 

    Each box covers 28.68 square feet.

    It is recommended to purchase the amount of flooring needed plus 5-10% extra.  This number is comprised of the 100% of flooring needed to cover the area, plus 5-10% to account for installation wastage.

    • Finish Type:   PVC Wearlayer
    • Thickness:   4.2 MM
    • Wearlayer:   12 mil
    • sf/bx:   28.68
    • Manufacturer:   Viking Building Products
    • Installation Type:   Click Vinyl Plank
    • Color Type:   Gray Medium


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